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Temple Complex

Shri Dev Vetoba Temple: First Construction
Records reveal that Vetoba’s temple that stands today was first built in 1660. The temple’s ‘Sabhamandap’ must have been built sometime between 1892 and 1900. The temple is located on the main Shiroda-Vengurle thoroughfare and devotees can get Vetoba’s darshan from the road. The temple is huge. Its sabhamandap can accommodate over 2000 people.

In Aravali, along with the temples of Shri Dev Vetoba and Shri Devi Sateri, there are also temples of Shri Devi Mhalsai, Dandekar, Shri Dev Siddheshwar and Shri Dev Rameshwar. All these five temples are known as ‘Shri Dev Vetoba Panchayatan’.

12 Devtas
Additionally, there are 12 Devtas that are part of this arrangement. They are Shri Bhummaiyya, Shri Purwas, Shri Mayecha Purwas, Shri Parabwansh, Shri Dalviwansh, Shri Brahman, Shri Baracha Purwas, Shri Kulakar, Shri Nitkari, Shri Rawalnath, Shri Bhutnath and Shri Dandekar. In addition to the above Devtas, Shri Dev Konkaneshwar and Shri Giroba are also included under Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan.

In the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Dev Vetoba are stone idols of Shri Dev Bhummaiyya, Shri Dev Purwas, Shri Dev Rampurush, Shri Dev Baracha Brahman, Shri Ram Purushachawas and Shri Devi Bhavkai. In front of the temple is the cupola of Shri Dev Purmar.

In the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Devi Sateri are stone idols of Shri Dev Brahman, Shri Dev Mayecha Purwas, Shri Dev Dalviwansh, Shri Dev Parabwansh and Shri Dev Jain Brahman. In front of the temple are stone idols of Shri Dev Baracha Purwas, Shri Dev Nirankar, Shri Dev Kulakar and Shri Dev Nitkari.
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