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Devasthan’s Administration

The administration of Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan has been carried out as per the traditional arrangement made initially by Shri Dev Bhummaiyya and Shri Dev Purwas, after the temple was founded. According to this arrangement, some village families, namely Saraswat Dalvi, Rege, Kothari and Nadkarni, were appointed as the temple’s administrators, each one entrusted with carrying out specific tasks and duties pertaining to the temple. And some other families and village people were named as ‘maankaris’ – persons entitled to certain honours in connection with the temple’s affairs. These ‘maankaris’ were: Marathe Dalvi, both Joshi families, Dhuri and Saraswat Dalvi, Rege, Kothari and Virtik Sutar, Kambli, Mahar and the rightful servants. And the administrators were to seek help of the ‘maankaris’ in fulfilling their respective tasks and duties, thus managing the Devasthan’s affairs. This arrangement continued through generations.
Formation of a Committee
In 1852, to manage the Devasthan, the British authority formed a committee and appointed five members of Saraswat families of Dalvi, Rege and Kothari. By 1904, however, only one member of these families, Balchandra Ramchandra Dalvi, was alive. So, to help run the temple’s affairs, he selected 6 new members from these Saraswat families. Later, in 1930, the authority arranged to manage the temple’s affairs by forming an appropriate body.

After that, in 1968-69, District Judge, Ratnagiri, created a new scheme to run the Devasthan’s administration. According to this scheme, the temple’s Trust Committee was to look after all the financial aspects of the temple. And while doing so, the Committee had to operate, fully respecting the traditional rights, tasks and duties of the Devasthan’s administrators, ‘maankaris’ and the rightful servants. And the Devasthan’s affairs have been managed till date as per this scheme.

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan’s current Board of Trustees:
Prasanna M. Ajgaonkar Chairman
Gangaram B. Sutar Secretary
Dr. Prasad D. Prabhusalgaonkar Treasurer
Raghuvir S. Mantri Trustee
Ramesh B. Kambli Trustee
Ganesh R. Rege Trustee
Purushottam M. Dalvi Trustee
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