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Temple Complex

The main attraction of Aravali is the ancient temple complex dedicated to Shri Dev Vetoba. Famous today as Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan, it is situated on the main Shiroda-Vengurle thoroughfare. Vetoba’s magnificent idol is visible from the road. The huge temple complex is suffused with peaceful, pious atmosphere.

Vetoba’s main temple is flanked by a massive sabhamandap, a hall used for religious and cultural gatherings. It can accommodate about 2000 people.

The temple complex includes the following structures and offices:
At the temple’s entrance is a 2-storey Nagarkhana (Drum House). Its 1st floor is given to Aravali Gram Panchayat which runs its library there. On the 2nd floor is the Nagarkhana proper, from where ‘naubat’ is performed everyday in honour of Shri Dev Vetoba. Every morning, afternoon and evening, a pair of nagaras (kettledrums played with sticks) boom rhythmically and play music in praise of Shri Dev Vetoba. (The nagaras have been traditionally part of a processional ensemble known as ‘naubat’ - 'Nine Things", a traditional ensemble of nine instruments).
3 Public Offices
The Devasthan has made available space for 3 public offices on rental basis, specifically for villagers’ convenience. They are:
Ration Shop
Run by Vividh Karyakari Society
Post Office
Talathi Office
Annashanti Sabhagriha
A 2-storey structure used for weddings, thread ceremonies, cultural programmes etc. On Shri Dev Vetoba’s two main festivals, mahaprasad (annadaan) is organised here.
Gram Gyana Vardhini Kendra
A place for imparting education, knowledge, training etc to village children.
Lalji Desai Sangeet Vidyalaya
A music school for village children, partly sponsored by the Devasthan.
Sukh Niwas
5 self-contained rooms for guests, visitors, tourists and others.
A secured room with safe deposit vault to store Shri Dev Vetoba’s utensils, ornaments, clothes and other valuables.
Started about one and half year back, a mess hall where simple afternoon meal is available for Rs 5 on coupon system.
Ushatai Gogte Rangamanch
An open air theatre with a covered stage for cultural programmes.
Devasthan Committee office
Gurav’s (pujari) home
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