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Experiences (Anubhuti)

Shri Dev Vetoba of Aravali is a loving, compassionate God. He answers His devotees’ prayers and comes to their aid in times of crisis and difficulties. Scores of devotees have attested to this fact. Here are some instances testifying to Vetoba’s munificence and His concern for His devotees:
| | Om Namah Paraay Shivatmane Vetalay Namah | |
It is not my intention here to analyse the impact of the proper recitation of this sacred, powerful mantra on one’s body, mind and speech, but only to narrate its positive effect on everyday affairs. I am a doctor by profession and feel that patients should take their medicines with faith. I firmly believe that a doctor is but an instrument and the real healer is the Parameshwar who cures patients though medicines.

Some years back, a woman who had no issue came to my hospital for treatment. Till then, she had consulted all the leading gynecologists in Maharashtra. There was nothing medically wrong either with her or her husband. On giving the matter serious thought, I made a vow (nawas) to Vetoba that, if the pair got an issue within the next 2 years, I would personally come to Aravali and offer Him a ‘tulabhar’ of sugar (equivalent to the weight of the devotee). And, within the year itself, the pair was blessed with a healthy child. What I want to specifically emphasise here is that such miracles happen even in today’s advanced scientific age.
Dr Prasad D. Prabhusalgaonkar
We lived Sakhelkaul. From childhood I used to get fits, every 10 to 15 days. The severity of fits increased even when I became 10 years old. All medical remedies had been tried. Even the doctor at Vengurle examined me. Finally, he suggested that I should be taken to Mumbai for brain scan. But taking me to Mumbai for medical treatment was financially out of reach for my family. My grandmother had unwavering faith in Vetoba. So, my grandfather, uncle and father went to Shri Dev Vetoba and asked for His prasad (kaul). And, surprisingly, they got the answer: “There is no need to take this boy anywhere. Apply my vibhuti (holy ash) to his forehead and rub it over his body. His fits will stop in 4 days.” And, miracle of miracles, I stopped getting fits forever.
Ramchandra Krishna Dipaji, Mumbai
From childhood I had this unshakable faith that the revered Vetoba is my protector. And from time to time I have experienced evidence of this. Once my husband was bitten by a venomous snake. My children were small and there was no elderly, responsible person in the house. I panicked, and was shivering with worry and anxiety. Still, in that critical condition, I began praying fervently to Vetoba, beseeching his help. And within minutes, surprisingly, my husband’s brother, who seldom visited us, was standing in the doorway. He said he had come for some work. He immediately shifted my husband to the hospital and, being a doctor himself, quickly managed to organise and administer anti-venom serum to my husband. His condition soon began improving. My revered Vetoba had once again proved that he indeed is the protector of his devotees. May his grace be bestowed on everyone. This is my sincere prayer.
Mrs Shubhangi Ramesh Shetye
My in-laws are from Aravali. I got married in December 1982 and, immediately after, together with my husband and in-laws we started for home. We were taking a flight to Goa. We came to Mumbai airport and even boarded the flight. For me everything was new and, in that excitement, I had totally forgotten about our bags. It was only after we landed at Goa airport that we realised our bags had been left behind at Mumbai airport. And in one bag were the gold ornaments and other precious valuables.

I was totally shattered. I was the new bride and I knew the blame would undoubtedly fall on me. I began silently praying to God. Since my husband and in-laws were cultured people they didn’t blame me. But in my mind I was blaming myself. Finally, my father-in-law went to Vetoba’s temple and asked for His prasad (kaul) in finding the bags. And he got the answer that the bags would be found and returned to us.

Meanwhile, we had phoned everyone, enquired with everybody concerned, but till the end of our Aravali stay, the bags were not found. We returned from Goa, and the very next day received a call from a gentleman. He told us to come to the airport to see if some bags belonged to us. We immediately rushed there and, seeing our bags, were so relieved it could not be described. The bags bore various tags, indicating they had been sent to Delhi, Kochin, Madras and other places.

I felt then and, even today feel, that the blame for the lost bags that would have stuck to me for life, was averted only because of Vetoba’s grace. That His grace may fall on us always is my fervent prayer at His holy feet.
Mrs Suvidha Vilas Salgaonkar
In 1950, when I was studying in Karwar, I was coming home to Aravali for Diwali. I had Rs 10 in my pocket, out of which I spent Rs 7 on bus fare from Karwar to Belgaum and Rs 3 from Belgaum to Sawantwadi. The bus fare from Sawantwadi to Shiroda was Rs 1. Just when I was worrying about how I was going reach Shiroda, I found a Rs 1 note next to me on the seat. I looked upon it as Vetoba’s blessing and thanked Him.

In 1966/67, my brother made a vow (navas) to Vetoba on behalf of his friend Dalvi and his wife who had tried several remedies for an issue but had failed. After the navas, the very next year they got a son. The navas, however, remained unfulfilled till the boy became an adult. Then Mrs Dalvi had a frightening dream on 3 successive nights, in which she saw a huge, dark, ugly figure, eyes red with anger. Concerned, she narrated the dream to her husband who began thinking about it. Suddenly, he remembered they had forgotten to fulfill their navas. Husband and wife immediately rushed to Aravali and, beseeching Vetoba’s forgiveness, fulfilled their vow.
Sakhram B. Mesri
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