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Annachhatra Appeal
On behalf of Shri Dev Vetoba, the Devasthan started in its premises on Magh shuddha panchami its annachhatra and annasantarpaan scheme. Thanks to Shri’s blessings, the scheme continues to receive enthusiastic response. Under the scheme, barring the days of Shri’s festivals, provision for prasad (meal) has been made everyday between 1 to 3 p. m. Prasad is available for anyone at a nominal charge of Rs 5.

It has been decided to run this scheme on the interest accruing from the donations given by generous devotees. Considering the banks’ fluctuating interest rates and the number of devotees wishing to participate in the scheme, the scheme’s target is set at Rs 25 lakhs, so that it can run smoothly. Since annadaan constitutes the biggest ‘punya’, we are confident that increasing number of devotees will take part in the scheme, helping the Devasthan.

Accordingly, devotees wishing to take part in the scheme are requested to obtain the relevant form from the Trustees or fill it here online and specify any auspicious day - whether wedding anniversary, a dear one’s birthday, or just for Vetoba’s service – and submit it. And along with the form, send Rs 2000 either in cash or through cheque or demand draft marked to Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan Aravali, Annachhatra Vibhag.

On your specified day, every year, your name will be put up on board and you will be sent Shri’s angaara (holy ash) and a flower by mail. Should you and your family members be present in the temple on that day, you will be treated as our guests.

Also, devotees who donate Rs 1 lakh and above for this scheme will be accorded a permanent marble plaque bearing their names in the Annachhatra vibhag. We are confident that with Shri’s blessings and your cooperation the scheme will not only continue but will become bigger and bigger.

We would like to emphasise that since you are Shri’s devotee, the Annachhatra is yours and we hope you would view it as such and take part in the scheme, helping the Devasthan in its lofty aim of annadaan.

We pray that Shri Dev Vetoba may bless you and your family with long life, good health, prosperity and peace.

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan
Paduka Fund
The Devasthan has also created a ‘Paduka Fund’, especially for devotees wishing to offer Shri Dev Vetoba chappals of special leather, which may not always be available. In such a case, any devotee can donate Rs 2000 to the ‘Paduka Fund’, the amount becoming part of a corpus fund with which the Devasthan arranges for ‘Silver Padukas’ to be made as offering to Vetoba on behalf of devotees. One big pair of ‘Silver Padukas’ has already been offered on behalf of contributing devotees.

In a unique ‘kaul’ done specifically for this issue, asking Him whether He would accept ‘Silver Paduka’ in place of chappals of special leather, Shri Dev Vetoba gave a positive answer.
Regular Donations
In addition to the above-mentioned 2 schemes, the Devasthan also welcomes regular donations made in the service of Shri Dev Vetoba. Donations may be sent through cheques or demand drafts in the name of Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan Aravali at its office address.
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